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Girmont Val DAjol - France

Welcome to the Totally Ski page on the Girmont Val DAjol ski resort in France . The resort features some good accomodation from ski hotels to traditional chalets.

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France has two major skiing areas, the Alps and the Pyrenees, although the Pyrenees is a much smaller range. Although there are more than 400 resorts in the mountains of the Alps, the area is so enormous that only 6% of its total area is covered by skiing and so it can still feel like a very remote and beautiful place to ski. The ski season is long, usually kicking off in late Autumn and rolling through to the start of May (although clearly at either end the snow is not always perfect but the weather warmer).

Girmont Val DAjol in France
is suitable for families, couples and kids / children. The ski school at Girmont Val DAjol caters for all levels of skiing, from beginner to intermediate to advanced skiers. Most France ski resorts can also provide ski school for kids and children. There are several types of accommodation at the Girmont Val DAjol ski resort ranging from self-catering apartments to ski hotels to fully catered ski chalets. Girmont Val DAjol is also well located for the best of the summer activities including mountain biking, trekking, and climbing. And of course beautiful views for the less athletic traveller!

The vast majority of ski resorts in France offer ski hire, snowboard hire and some even hire ski clothing. The price of a ski pass at Girmont Val DAjol in France varies – expect to pay more for a week long ski pass for all parts of the mountain as opposed to smaller sections and fewer days. And before you book a week’s ski pass you should definitely calculate whether you can ski on every day or will you be in transit?  When you book your ski holiday in Girmont Val DAjol you should consider how long it will take to transfer from the airport or station (unless you are arriving by car), the type of accommodation, the exchange rate and of course whether you need to book instruction.

Location of Girmont Val DAjol, France


Ski quote of the day: Stretch pants - the garment that made skiing a spectator sport


Top Tips for Skiing in Girmont Val DAjol

1. Stay Warm. Other than buying good quality ski clothing, you should always dress in layers as they trap warm air in the spaces between.
2. Stay hydrated. You must replenish your liquids from all that exercise.
3. Take a lesson. No matter how good your skiing, it can be invaluable to get expert advice both on your style and the local conditions and ski slopes.
4. If you don’t fall, you’re not skiing hard enough. Many ski instructors say that you cannot get better without pushing yourself.
5. Look out for beginners. We all started as beginners and their occasional lack of control is to be expected, not a cause for your annoyance.


Ski holidays in Girmont Val DAjol

  We do our best to represent Girmont Val DAjol ski resort to the best of our knowledge, but information does change so we recommend that you contact the resort to double check all information, especially the exact dates of their ski season in France !  Also, skiing holidays can be great fun, but please be careful on the ski slopes and make sure that you have valid ski insurance.  When purchasing one of the many great ski deals on the holiday market look out for the small print, such as the inclusion of airport transfers, ski passes, drinks with meals etc   
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